The Helping Hands of Maricopa County


The Helping Hands of Maricopa County is a tax exempt 501(3)(c) charity.

The Helping Hands of Maricopa County:

Offering heart-centered living for everyone

Founder Raoult Bertrand is joyful for the opportunity to offer the benefits of his life’s work, which culminated in Heart Awakening, to all in need. People from all walks of life – all of whom know themselves to be here to fulfill their part of the Divine Plan, regardless of their individual belief system – are welcome to receive effective and comprehensive healing for most physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems they face, and from there to move forward into self-sufficiency.

Heart Awakening is an individual spiritual healing modality involving a unique combination of intuitive counseling, energy work, and a deep soul-inspiring opening of the heart. Individual sessions are available in person and by phone.

The book “Heart Awakening: Your Path to Unconditional Love and Healing” by Bertrand is an ideal introduction to the healing work and is offered for purchase by The Helping Hands.

The School of Healing offers an opportunity, for those who wish to serve others, to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become Heart Awakening practitioners. It also offers a way, for those who simply wish to live with an open heart, to learn the Heart Awakening teachings as a foundation for their life and work. The spiritual healing art course work is offered in both a seven month day program and a comprehensive series of five day classes. Higher level course work will be offered for those who wish to attain teaching certifications.

The parent organization, THHMC, operates with the goal of becoming a self-sustaining entity. To that end, property is being sought that will include farm acreage for food production, animal husbandry facilities, a kitchen and dining room, school facilities and group meeting space. Ideally it will have its own natural water source in addition to an excellent source of potable water and eventually be powered by wind and sun, geothermal or other self sustaining resources. This model is designed to ensure long term fiscal health and to exemplify life lived successfully in this manner.


Mission Statement

The Helping Hands of Maricopa County’s mission is to help educate people through the accelerated learning of men, women and children who seek to deepen the quality of their lives. In order to do this we will:

~Provide a magnificent setting where people can explore the natural beauty of our physical world and discover the magic of learning how to live in unconditional love.

~Reach out to the people of diverse backgrounds and cultures – all of whom know themselves to be here to fulfill their part of the Divine Plan.

~Offer a stimulating environment where people can work with leading healers, teachers, environmentalists and other leaders in the ‘helping others” industry.

~Give people opportunities to experiment, play, use their imagination, share their lives and discover the mysteries of open heart living.


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